Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Me--Who really Likes Working @_@

me-at this hour still at the office...*sigh*
processing the students result, compiling all the documents that need to be presented for UEB meeting
(UEB-University Exam Board)

-well, that would be part of my tasks as head of section
but, the condition gets worse since the system doesn't support us! i did partially sacrifice my raya haji holiday

hmmm--malas nak comment lelebih... now, teringin utk makan prosperity burger

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do You Feel Annoy When....

* a quick entry while waiting for Ainor

Do you feel annoy when....
i) your so-called long-lost friend suddenly say "hi" to you just for the sake to promote something esp MLM?
-kalo x, confirm he/she won't bother to
ii) got a midnight SMS from someone, asking you to do something that is not your business?
iii) got an email from someone, without any header or intro, attaching all the related documents, with a hope that you will fill up for him/her???

**someone means that anyone or someone that you just met for a few times...
** i do not know what other people would say. But, i do feel annoyed yesterday when i got those things.. in the same day! in the SAME day!!!

It's has Been Sometimes...

true rite?? --it's has been sometimes since my last entry...
frankly speaking--too many things that i wanted to say, but--hmm, time constraint!!!
in fact, i did try to register "mobile blogger"~ ~ since i have BB (my new gadget  :D)
but, unfortunately after few registration emails sent- its still FAILED!!! i do not know where it goes wrong, but i'll figure it out some time later ( perhaps)--please note the word: TRY and SOME TIME LATER
so, what do i have in mind??? to name a few (so that i myte take it as keynotes later):

a) MRM in Malacca
b) A tribute to the men in my life
c) My braces--spot the difference!!
d) My world as a HOS - before and after
e) Recap of 2009

uhhh--- banyaknya!!! wonder, do i really have ample time to write all those things?? if i could only have a software that able to convert my speech into words, it'd be fantastatic!!! agak2, is it possible if i ask my FYP students to do it~hehehehhehe

Recently, my family had an emergency. My mom a.k.a CIK is having hypo-glisemic. Hypo-glisemic is a condition whereby our body glucose is lower than normal level. Just to share, normal glucose level is between 5.6-7 (depends before or after meal). But, Cik's glucose was at 3.7 and down to 2.3 the next day. Hypo glisemic is much danger compare hyper-glysemic since the patient could faint. and its happen to Cik. It's our family first experience and from my sisters' story, my dad was panicked! kejap pakai baju, kejap bukak baju, tak tau nak buat apa, kata my sis. and my bro, just sat on the stairs watching...  ( wish i was there, but actually i just went back from kg masa tuh! *sigh*)

Alhamdulillah (seriously bersyukur sangat2!!!), after few jabs of glucose, she started to regain consciousness. and now, starts to recover. Though, she is still weak, but from her voice, I know (and pray) she'll get well soon.. AMINNN!

This experience teaches me a lot! The most important, it made me realizes that my parents are too old enough and it's my turn to take of them. Since, am the only one who is still single (and available), i do seriously feel that it is my rensponsibility!!! so, oppa n omma, wait for me!!! I'll be back~insya Allah!
From this, i've made few conclusions and decisions, though it's not an easy one, but I think, at this hour, at this time, this is the best!

Things that I've realized??
i) Please do appreciate our parents while they are still alive. I want my time to be spent with them. I did ask them to move to KL, hehhehe~ but old folks vs KL??? dont think so!
ii) I love my work in current company. I mean, its not a million-monthly-salary job, but I want to develop my career here. I once said that: I wont stay here forever, but if I were to resign, at least I want to have a doctorate with a senior lecturer status!
iii) Perhaps, it's not my rezeki yet to further my study abroad. During my SPM days, to go for overseas was a big NO-NO. so, from there, I didn't apply for any overseas scholarship.
iv) Then, for my masters, another issue came up. it had to do with company policy bla bla bla. so, eventually, i had my masters done by part time
v) Last but not the least, my PhD---- for this time being, lets just be a secret for me. what do i plan.If it is meant to be that way, that it shall be... Apa2 pon, saya redha dan terima. Because, apa yang penting?? KERJAAAASAMA! hahhahaha, no lah! Of course, the first and foremost, my parents. And i am surely confident that, only ALLAH knows the BEST for us! and HE does have the BEST planning for me. insya Allah.

...boleh jadi engkau menyukai sesuatu tetapi ia tidak baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi engkau tidak menyukai sesuatu sedang ia baik untukmu..Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui' (Al-baqarah:216)...

* dont like dis pic-- me looks so gumux!!!*

my beloved mum (baju kelawar biru)

oke--cukuplaa ek... ku mao mandi.. sorry for the long entry-but,again, who cares, huh??? ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Lazy Day....

walla... another day has gone... actually almost gone...
and still, am doing nothing, except tgk FB--blogging--status updating
I just went back from malacca (remember when i said i need to do packing?)
well, i need to attend a course or sort of workshop at renaissance hotel..
hmm, i'll update abt the course later..

for today~ it's goin' to be a simple entry~for the sake to ease my boredom.. masya Allah
seriously i felt soooo lazy!!no mood of marking~ the level perhaps may reach infinity! haiyya...
mmm, why do i felt malas???
i) just went back from malacca~the buffet had really take me down~byk makan
ii) last nite i slept ard 2am~y?? trying to book AirAsia tix... the system was congested yesterday. perhaps everybody was watching out for the free tix. however, after few trials, fortunately, i managed to book d tix+the hotel as well. alhamdulillah
iii) just went back from pizza. my treat for my x-students.. watching them ate made me almost full.. so berselera... and lagi penting.. eat w/o feeling guilty and worrying abt the weight. sooo heaven!!!

mmm, ok~enough.. i want to get off as early as possible (meaning at 4pm la)...lagipon perut ku rs sakit...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

what am i doing on 8th November 2009??

without realizing, 2009 is almost comes to its end.. walla!
kelip kelap kelip kelap.. now it's already november and only few months (read as: few weeks) to go before december and then 2010. hmmmph, how i wish the time may stay.. 2010 means a new number for me after a decade has been in '20s'. enough!.. dats not the main point of mine actually~it is yet to come! dat one can wait til Dec 31st huh?!

oke, so what did i do for today??
10.40am~met wit my BFF (cik DI) -discussing on how to go to
singapore (sorry babe, i was late as usual!!) seriously i do appreciate ur time waiting for me all these while... huhuhu

2.30pm~went to lowyat with Kak Is. Motive: to buy IDE hard disk for my old toshiba lappie. luckily managed to find 12oGB @ RM150. fyi, i already spent almost RM300 for h/disk. i bought SATA at 1st place. but alhamdulillah (thanx to my student) it's now converted to an external hard disk ... hehhehe.. then, had a walk around sg wang, times sq. oh God, its totally almost unresistable to see all those shoes, handbags, perfumes, cosmetics.. *sigh* esp when the SA was so damn friendly! if am not thinking of goin' to Spore, definitely i would swipe my card!!

balik2 dah almost 8pm.. solat and packing (by supposed) but soo lazy!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

First Attempt!

Hehehehehehe... why do i giggle for the 1st entry of my blog?
Hahahahahaha.. dis one is only "try and error" entry..
let's see how far i may go with the blog... whether i will continually writing.. telling all the sweet sour and all the colours of my life.. OR this could be the first and the last entry (hope not!!). though am the only reader aka 'syok sendiri' , who cares! it doesn't matter, huh?
oke2, enough for now ( i think am quite at bebel~perasan ^_^)
sorry if u found my entry is quite formal.. well am a new learner (budak baru belajar oke??)
so, i'll catch u later! c ya